Poster presentation award

Marie has just received the poster award at the 115. Annual Meeting of the german Anatomical Society for her poster “Combining AFM-based functional imaging with fluorescence reporters to outline adhesion-dependent signaling”. Congratulations Marie and thank you for presenting your work in such concise and convincing way!

New manuscript on BioRxiv

A new manuscript from our collaborator Ines Liebscher and us is out on BioRxiv: “Mimicking extracellular matrix-mediated mechano-activation by antibodies to control signaling of the adhesion G protein-coupled receptor GPR126/ADGRG6” click Jakob, a visiting student from the Liebscher lab, has set up a technique together with Camilla to modulate adhesion-GPCR signaling by AFM force spectroscopyContinue reading “New manuscript on BioRxiv”

New Biorxiv manuscript

Camilla’s preprint is out! “Defective Desmosomal Adhesion Causes Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy by involving an Integrin-αVβ6/TGF-β Signaling Cascade” clickTogether with our colleagues form Cardiology, Bioinformatics and Legal medicine we generated and characterized a novel mouse model of Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (ACM) based on defective desmosomal adhesion. We used this model to identify a novel pathway for fibrosis generationContinue reading “New Biorxiv manuscript”